Midnight Commander Cheat Sheet

Midnight Commander Cheat Sheet

C-o	 Toggles to/from cl environment
C-t	 Toggles a file onto/from the "tagged list"
C-r	 Refresh both views
C-l  Reformats the screen (I often need to after opening external files
                           such as PDFs, which cause MC to display strangely.)
C-u  Swap lhs and rhs panels

Other panel views:
C-x q	    Toggles other panel to/from "quick view". Views text.
C-x i	    Toggles other panel to/from "info view". Views file info.
F3	        Toggles to full panel view of text file.
C-x t	    Copies/pastes the currently selected filename(s) to the cl
            [Effective for using svn commands w/multiple files]
M-enter	    Copies currently highlighted file to the cl
C-+	        Prompts for a reg-ex string and selects files based on it
C-*         Selects all files in cwd
C-x p	    Copies the cwd to the cl
C-x s       Creates symlink of the file you're currently on (defaults to
            placing that symlink in the dir in the opposite panel).
M-p	        Brings to the CL the previously issued command-line within MC
M-n	        Brings to the CL the next issued command-line command within MC
M-c	        Allows you to cd while preserving whatever is on the CL
C-\	        Gets you to hotlist
Esc-tab     Completion for command line (like Bash autocomplete)
M-i         CD's the other panel to the current panel's CWD
M-o         CD's the other panel to directory you are currently highlighting
cd -        On the command line, type "cd -" to return to the directory you
            were previously in. This is very handy if you accidently change
            directories (eg, sync other pane to same dir as current pane)

Hit return when on an archive library (libMylib.a) and see what object files
  have gone into creating the library.

In order to get a pane as an FTP directory, at the MC command line, type:

cd /#ftp:mpeavy:PASSWORD@teghis.pair.com         NOTE: PASSWORD is not encrytped
cd /#ftp:mpeavy@teghis.pair.com                  To be prompted for your password (still not encrytped)
cd /#ftp:mpeavy@teghis.pair.com/home/peavy       NOTE: gets you to your home dir directly.

**BETTER** - use scp / sftp instead:

cd /#sh:mpeavy@teghis.pair.com/home/peavy       Secure. Also, starts in home

The above ftp/sftp locations can be added to the hotlist.
In configurations, can set to not show backup (~) files.


Use the External Panelize functions to filter and perform external
 commands multiple times, eg, to view all header files.

C-x !     - Enter the External Panelize input screen. Choose a command or type
            another command to be executed. 
            Eg: find all header files with:    find . -name *.h
            Save oft-used commands for re-use.
            Will save the output results in the panel you were in.
            To refresh the panel back to the orig. dir view, refresh: C-r


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